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Buffalo Power Electronics Center,Inc.
Manufacturer of Original Westinghouse Rectifier Products


Buffalo Power Electronics Center, Inc. (BPEC) provides a broad and diverse range of products for Westinghouse DC drives.  Included are the manufacture and repair of existing design DC thyristor armature supplies, field supplies and regulators.  These products are designed to duplicate Westinghouse equipment or to upgrade and replace vintage assemblies and sub-assemblies.

BPEC routinely stocks frequently needed parts for power electronics and DC drive apparatus previously manufactured by the former Westinghouse Buffalo Drives Division.  Typically, these parts include:  printed circuit boards, modules, thyristors, rectifiers, voltraps and fuses.  We also manufacture and supply parts for the following Westinghouse apparatus:

Product Identification Numbers

S100 F80 C46 FE100
S100Z C500 M4 R300
S300 T100 M5 F80
S600 22-501 M5B F21
C600 22-1000 M4CL F56
C601 C56 M4CH A500

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